Alejandra Barron

Alejandra is an online fitness coach.

Her love for fitness started at an early age with a love for playing soccer and running track. But her passion for sports and fitness took a downturn with a devastating knee injury that required surgery. This led to a few years of being sedentary. Her hiatus came to an end when Alejandra found the weight-room, and from that very first "lifting session," she rediscovered her love for health and fitness.

Alejandra shared her journey on social media and captivated women like her all over the world. Helping women find their inner strength through health and fitness was her newfound passion. Alejandra works remotely with women from across the globe and takes full pride and commitment to motivate women by leading by example.

She believes that exercise changes a person more mentally than it does physically and that the lessons and challenges learned through health and wellness, can be applied to improve your own life.


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